Manuel Palacios is a fashion photographer and digital entrepreneur based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


With 6 years of experience in the fashion industry, his work has led him to several international publications such as BG Magazine (Ecuador), Vogue Mexico (Mexico), Vogue Latin America (Mexico), Hero (London) and also to work for brands such as AYNI, Sergio Davila, Fernanda Barboza, Kintsugi and Leticia Carosella.

Manuel was born in Lima, Peru, where he launched Superhype. This magazine differs from the rest by its distinctive millennial DNA. As a team, they create various creative communication ideas for clients, among them Salvatore Ferragamo, Converse, Prune, L'Occitane and Amphora. He is currently creating a larger-scale magazine that reaches audiences in other Latin American countries such as Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

His passion for fashion has led him to attend industry events such as Lima's Fashion Week (Perú), New York Fashion Week, Couture Week (USA), BAF Week, Designers BA (Argentina) and Inspiramais 2018 (Brazil).




2017 - 2019 | Graduated in Business - Universidad de Palermo, Buenos aires

2015 | Fashion Styling for Men - Fashion Institute of Technology

2015 | Social Media, Marketing & PR - Fashion Institute of Technology

2014 | Continuing Education: Graphic Design - Toulouse Lautrec

2011-2013 | Graduated in Professional Photography – Centro de la Imagen

Instagram @manupalaciose


Rooftop Showroom I - Collective Exhibition. Surco, Lima, Peru.

Rooftop Showroom II - Collective Exhibition. Barranco, Lima, Peru.

The Art Merch Showroom III - Collective Exhibition. San Isidro, Lima, Peru.

Trifecta: Una mirada a las publicaciones independientes - Collective Exhibition. Surco, Lima, Peru.

Trifecta: Noche de moda y arte- Solo Exhibition. Barranco, Lima, Peru.